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Through the millennia, society has learned the best way to govern the people is for the people to govern themselves. In this spirit, InvocationsOnline is here to assure/ensure ALL citizens are included in the ceremonial portion of OUR local government meetings.

Put simply, if an invocation will be the part of a governing meeting, it must include opportunities for all people—of any religious affiliation or god beliefs. We do not democratically choose a religion as a city, town, or county, and we may not democratically choose who will conduct invocations on our behalf. This must be an open process with no barriers to entry for anyone.

Find out more regarding your local government meetings including how to offer your own invocation at the Help & FAQs page.

Join our team and help us collect invocation data in your area at our Volunteer page. It’s much easier than you think.

Need information on the current status of the law? Try the More Info page.

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